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‘Yellow Fever’ Outbreak: Things You Need To Know Health 

‘Yellow Fever’ Outbreak: Things You Need To Know

‎Yellow Fever, flavivirus spread by Aedes mosquitos‬ is making an unfortunate comeback and its outbreak in Angola is of high concern these days. As per reports there have been reported 2,983 cases of yellow fever in Angola and 325 deaths till June 1.

The situation requires an immediate attention from people and health experts of all countries and its outbreak in the neighboring countries can’t be ruled out. So read on to find what you need to know about “Yellow Fever”.

Yellow Fever is caused by “yellow fever virus” and is found in South American and African countries. As there is no specific treatment for yellow fever so precaution on your part is need of the hour.

When going into a mosquito-infested area, cover your whole body properly. Also avoid venturing out when mosquitoes are most active.

The infected travellers can carry this virus to and from these countries. . If you are planning a visit to any of its prone countries then don’t forget to take vaccines before travelling.

As its symptoms are similar to many other diseases so it could easily mislead you. Sometimes its symptoms can be so mild that can even go unnoticed or can be so severe that could affect many organ systems. Typical symptoms include fever, muscle pain, and vomiting.

There is no specific treatment for it but dehydration and fever can be treated. Refer to guidelines issued by government, health care community or health experts to know which medicine or vaccine to use in Yellow fever.

The yellow fever vaccine is safe and affordable, and a single dose provides life-long immunity against the disease but it should NOT be given to children under 6 months of age.

Stay informed and remain Yellow Fever free to enjoy a long life!

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