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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July Episode Written Updates: Shagun Agreed To Marry Mani TV 

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July Episode Written Updates: Shagun Agreed To Marry Mani

After Ishita entered back in the Bhalla’s House, its time for some surprise from Shagun in recent episode of “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” Read written updates of 27th July episode. It would be interesting to see what Shagun and Mani’s marriage in future episode.

Today’s episode started with Shagun who goes to meet Nidhi in jail. Nidhi knew that Shagun was behind Ishita’s kidnapping and why Shagun came to her and offered friendship, as it was all Shagun’s drama. Nidhi knew that Shagun is the biggest enemy of Ishita than her as she has ruined her life. She calls Shagun a good actor as she has played with trust of Bhalla family. Shagun says no one will trust you in Bhalla family. Nidhi agrees with Shagun and says I knew that no one will believe me as Bhallas love you, I just called to praise your acting talent.

In another part Ishita brings Mani home. Mrs. Bhalla ask Mani to sit and have food with them. Mani tells Raman and Mr. Bhalla that he has shifted his business to Delhi. Raman calls Ishita to sign some project and talk to her about some important work. Raman asks Ishita that what did Mani say about Shagun. She say Mani is thinking to talk to Shagun. Raman say but Shagun refues to talk to Mani. Raman goes and talk to Mani about it but at that time Shagun comes. Shagun talks to Mani about marring her and keeping friendship for life with her. She said that Raman and Ishita always thought of my good so I am ready to marry Mani as all need a companion. Ishita says that Mani is a nice guy, Shagun will be happy. Raman was happy with her decision.

Mani wanted to talk to Shagun so they both goes to Ishita’s room. Romi pays bill but Adi said I will pay the bill as I got Aaliya here but Romi refused as he said I am elder of you so I will pay the bill. Aaliya makes good coffee so every one decided to have a cup of coffee made by Aaliya so everyone decide to go to home. Mihika calls Ishita telling her that Aaliya will have dinner with us but Aaliya refuse as she said that appa will be waiting for her. Mihika conveys her that her appa is at their home.

Mahir thanks Raman and Ishita for fixing Shagun and Mani’s marriage. Mani and Shagun comes and decide to get married. Everyone gets excited. At that time Romi, Mihika, Adi and Aaliya comes. Seeing everyone happy Romi asks what’s happening and Mr. Bhalla says that Shagun and Mani decided to get married. Adi and Aaliya get shocked. Aaliya leaves. Mahir goes after him.

Today episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ended on a very interesting note. Stay tune with us for written updates on 28th July 2016 episode.

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