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Yaari Dosti First (1st) Weekend Day 4 Monday Box-office Collection Report Entertainment 

Yaari Dosti First (1st) Weekend Day 4 Monday Box-office Collection Report

Have a look at the box office figures of the latest Marathi release “Yaari Dosti”. The comedy drama is a film by Shantanu Anant Tambe. The film released on 16th Sept has successfully completed its first weekend at the box-office. Check out its day 1, day 2, day 3 and 1st weekend earning/business numbers.

Marathi movies are giving new face to the regional cinema and creating history by giving box-office blockbusters these days. With stellar performances and high production value each week the releases are breaking box-office records. This week its ‘Yaari Dosti’ which is a story of great friendship and love is making waves at the box-office.

Yaari Dosti Marathi Film 4 Days Box-office Earning Numbers

This movie went quite well on the first day and the total collection is around Rs. 1.5 crores (approx). The figures are based on the occupancy rate in multiplexes and single screens bagged by the film on the release date. By the end of the week it managed to mint the total collection of Rs 3-4 crores (approx).

The film stars Hansraj Jagtap, Akash Waghmode, Ashish Gade, Sumit Bhokse and Mitali Mayekar and is a presentation of Bipin Shah Motion Pictures and produced by Passionwoald Entertainments.

Synopsis: Yaari Dosti is about four boys and their friendship. Gatar and Nala are two tapori Mumbaiyya boys, aged between 12-15 years. They are forced to work for a traffic signal mafia along with other boys run by Sayyed Fatela. In their journey they meet Prasad and Rahul. Rest of the story follows is the friendship and bond develops between these four boys.

Expect roller coaster ride of hilarious, emotional moments with unexpected twists and turns in the film which is a giving an entertaining time to the viewers. The official box-office numbers are yet to reveal by the film makers or distributors. These numbers are expected based on the raw data available on internet. Stay tune with us to know the exact figures day-wise once released publicly.

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