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World No Tobacco Day 2016: Celebrate Life – Say No To Tobacco Health 

World No Tobacco Day 2016: Celebrate Life – Say No To Tobacco

31st May is “World ‪‎No Tobacco Day”. The day is observed to encourages the World to stay tobacco-free for 24 hours. Who is not aware about ill effects of tobacco on our health? I don’t think there is any so say no to tobacco today.

Ironically the companies are selling tobacco products at lower prices, thereby increasing their consumption but by raising their profits they are risking many lives. As per reports online, tobacco kills 6 million people every year.

Low-income groups and children are worst affected section of the society. Some governments are restoring to hardest rules to discourage its use by not allowing logos, colours, brand images or promotional info on the packaging to reduce its attractiveness.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling on countries to get ready for plain packaging of tobacco products, lessening the appeal of smoking.

People usually smoke because it helps them cope with stress but reducing tobacco consumption is the need of the hour. Saying no to tobacco use can save lives. Smokers need to quit for not only their health benefits but for their near and dear ones.

The Indian government has been working towards this serious health issue since long. It has issued several smoking regulations and public smoking bans. Also the Supreme Court recently ordered tobacco companies to have atleast 85 per cent of the packaging covered with health warnings.

In an attempt to discourage tobacco consumption everyone is doing their bit and now is your turn. There can’t be a better day to encourage yourself or your near n dear ones to quit out of choice.

Share encouraging messages and quotes to show your support for those saying no to tobacco today. “Celebrate Life – Say No To Tobacco & Stay Healthy”.

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