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Vaapsi Punjabi Film Live Audience Response & Review Entertainment 

Vaapsi Punjabi Film Live Audience Response & Review

Here is viewer’s first reaction and review of Punjabi drama “Vaapsi” released 03rd June 2016 in theatres. Vaapsi means ‘Home coming’ in Punjabi and its the story of a young hockey player who gets trapped in a tragic situation.

Often people migrate to other countries for their survival and ‘Vaapsi’ film written & directed by Rakesh Mehta is about one such Punjabi migrant “Ajit” (Gulshan Grover). Ajit resides in Germany and runs taxi for his survival. He hasn’t visited his home since long as he shares a troublesome past.

The story moves to flashback when Ajit was a young and aspiring hockey player but circumstances forces this innocent guy to become a rebel and go against the system. The younger Ajit is played by Harish Verma. Will he finally come back home or there is more to his fate forms the crux of the story.

Party real and partly fiction, its story is emotional and touchy. It is of the most important era of 80’s when Punjabi youth are worst hit and thinking about those times still sends down shiver down the spine.

The director has tried hard to maintain the pace of the story and make it more engaging but other than some scenes, the film fails to create that strong bond with the audience. This is not for the first time that audience are subject to such topic on silver screen but this time its the view point of a hockey player that have been pictured.

Gulshan Grover is the highlight of the movie. All the actors have done justice to their individual roles. The viewers were expecting to see more of Harish Verma but his not so passionate character dissapoints everyone. The talent of this amazing actor has been totally wasted in the film.

First half of the movie is somewhat good but after the interval the story tumbles. Songs are not appealing and at times look out of place making its second half a bit boring. Unwanted and too much emotions makes this drama a melodrama.

It could have been much better than this. If you are looking to watch something other than usual rom-com’s or sit-com’s or if you are a fan of its actors then “Vaapsi” is for you.

Cast: Harish Verma, Ashish Duggal, Sameksha, Dhrriti Saharan, Mandeep Kaur & Gulshan Grover

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