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Uriyadi Review: Raw & Realistic Political Thriller Entertainment 

Uriyadi Review: Raw & Realistic Political Thriller

Recently released thriller film “Uriyadi” written, directed and produced by Vijay Kumar is garnering rave reviews. It stars Kumar, Mime Gopi, Citizen Sivakumar, Chandru Kumar in the lead. The film have a revenge plot that is very engaging and horrifying!

The horrifying revenge is against 4 friends by some politically backed people on the basis of caste over a normal brawl. Its very realistic and shows the true conclusion to some brawls that usually happen.

With intriguing narrative, seamless screenplay, natural performances and energetic background score makes this violent revenge drama better watch than other big budget releases.

The film is generating positive review from critics and great response from viewers. As its a small budget film with with no major established actors so released on fewer screen across TN, Pune, Mumbai and Bhopal.

With great content, the film definitely needs to be supported and encouraged. If you are looking to watch some serious cinema then this flick is for you everything very raw and realistic.

The performance of the star cast is great! The director of the film has also acted in the film playing one of the friends. He has debuted in direction as well as acting. Overall the movie will keep you on the seat of your edge.

The sountrack is good. There is one love song too. The background score was by Kumar. It has been filming in the most realistic way possible. Watch it in theatre near you.


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