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The Core Challenge: Best Core Exercises For Men & Women Health 

The Core Challenge: Best Core Exercises For Men & Women

If you want a sexy and flat stomach then you’ll definitely gonna love our especially designed core exercises that will help losen your belly fat fast and improve core strength.

What you need to do is just follow these easy-to-do exercises for a complete ab workout. Out core challenge workout plan focuses on core strength exercises that will help achieve results of flatten tummy faster and define your abs.

Here are the best abs exercises for women and for men that you can do at home.

50 Crunches: Start with crunches. When it comes to losen up belly fat, crunches are a must. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Keep your hands behind your neck. With your abs tight, curl up and push forward. N back. Keep your abdominals pulled in during entire range of motion. Do 50 crunches in one set.

15 Pushups: Straighten your body behind you. Hold your torso perfectly straight. Separate your legs slightly. Place your hands in a vertical line from shoulders. Lower yourself until you barely touch the ground with your chest and then return to the starting. Do 15 pushups in one set.

1 Min Plank: Straighten your body behind you, rest on your forearms. Form a straight line with your body. Your elbows must be in a straight line with your shoulders. Contract the muscle of your torso and hold the position for 10 sec. Relax the muscles and return. Do plank for 1 minute.

30 Secs Side Plank: Lie on the floor on one side of your body. Position your elbow directly under your shoulder. Raise your body until it forms a straight line. Hold this position with contracted glutes. Perform the same steps for the other side.

1 Min Bridge: Lie on the floor with your knees bent. Raise your hips as high as you can. Keep your glutes contracted. Hold for 10 secs. Return to the starting point slowly. Do Bridge for 1 minute.

15 Push Ups: Repeat 15 Push Ups.

1 Min Plank: Repeat 1 minute of Plank.

30 Secs Side Plank: Repeat 30 secs Plank.

50 Crunches: Repeat 50 Crunches.

1 Min Raised Plank: Get into plank position with wide legs. Alternately raise an arm up and hold for 10 seconds. Slowly bring the arm back and repeat the movement on the other arm. You can also try the plank with leg raise exercise. Switch between left-and-right.

2 Mins Bridge: Repeat 2 minute of Bridge.

50 Crunches: Repeat 50 Crunches.

This complete core-strengthening exercises target every area of the abs. They will help you shed fat from your tummy faster and tone the entire body as exactly you want. With strong muscle and ripped definition, you are all set to flaunt your toned body.

This workout is great for all skill levels however you can consult your trainer for modification in the workout especially for beginners. Look and feel your best with lean, sexy, chisel rock-hard abs and defined body.

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