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Swaragini 18th May Episode Spoiler: Swara Plays Guitar Entertainment 

Swaragini 18th May Episode Spoiler: Swara Plays Guitar

In ColorsTv most dramatic show Swaragini recent update, the viewers will see Swara playing the guitar with Sahil. Sahil Sen Gupta’s new entry into the show has definitely brought some freshness in the show. Find out Swaragini 18th March 2016 full episode written update.

In the upcoming episode the viewers and followers of the show will find Swara playing guitar with his new found friend ‘Sahil’. It seems like she has forgetten Sanskaar. Will this new friendship between Swara and Saahil gonna bring new twist to the story?

Swara regains her early life of her passion and love for music. We will also hear some melodious tunes in her voice in upcoming episodes. Will this new development in the life of Swara and Sanskar will shock the fans and the viewers? We will soon find out in upcoming episodes.

In the episodes till 17th May 2016, we have seen that Sanskar shoots Rajat but Rajat eventually pulled Swara along with him. All the efforts by Sanskar to save her love of life ‘Swara’ went in vain.
The police finds Rajat’s body but fails to discover Swara and only find her pendant in the river.

After hearing the news everyone in Maheshwari and Goradiya family breaks down and starts praying for their beloved Swara. Everyone is in the state of shock.

Ragini and Lakshay both believe Swara will return soon and can be seen consoling everyone in both the family. Seeing Sumi and Shekhar’s condition, Ragini and Lakshay are worried. In the upcoming episodes we will also find the two looking for missing Swara.

Sanskar is totally lost now and only remembers Swara’s last words before falling in the river “I Love You Sanskar”. The old memories of her are bringing tears in everyone’s eye. Will Sanskar’s love prove strong enough to bring Swara back? And the answer is yes.

Check out the live action in the next episode of the show to be aired on 18th May 2016.

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