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Shorgul Film Audience Review & Critics Rating Live Update Entertainment 

Shorgul Film Audience Review & Critics Rating Live Update

‪Shorgul‬ starring Jimmy Sheirgill, ‪‎AshutoshRana‬ and ‪‎SanjaySuri‬ released today in theatres. The film is a political drama woven around a love story of a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl. As per early reports it is a decent film storywise but with incredible performance by its whole casts.

According to critics its a well-made “commercial” film but has many cliches. It could have been much better than this if there were some in-depth exploration of the topic. Some critics have termed it as “Loud & tacky film”.

As it is thought to be loosely based on Muzaffarnagar riots but Muzaffarnagar has not been mentioned anywhere in the movie. The film has justified its title ‘Shorgul’ with only noise and violence in the story.

The film thought to be based on real life incidents lacks the conviction. A Muslim girl ‘Zainab’ and a Hindu boy ‘Raghu’ grow up as friends. Soon this innocent friendship rapidly escalates into a political minefield leading to tension, unrest and chaos in the state.

The matter snowballs in an interesting series of events and takes an unexpected turn, becoming a national issue in question.

The actor Jimmy Sheirgill has played the character of an MLA who engineers communal riots in the town to fullfil his political goals. He is quite impressive in his character.

The film has reference to some real life incident like you will find a speech similar to Akbaruddin Owaisi’s speech in Adilabad in 2012. There is nothing extra-ordinary in the film to keep them glued to their seats. Its an ordinary story of riots and violence.


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