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Shocking! Girl Born With Birth Marks Covering Her Body | After 19 yrs (With Images) World 

Shocking! Girl Born With Birth Marks Covering Her Body | After 19 yrs (With Images)

What will you feel when have been verbally abused for years by other children for having strange birth marks on your body. I am sure it feels like hell and that exactly what this 19-year-old Ciera Swaringen from North Carolina in US went through.

Shocking! Girl Born With Birth Marks Covering Her Body

But this teenage girl who was embraced by the hundreds of birthmarks on her body is now love those birthmarks covering her face and body and feel very much comfortable in her skin.

The mole-like birthmarks covers almost all of her body that spread from her head to her toes. Her rare skin condition ‘Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus ‘ affects just one in 500,000 people. In this condition, it causes over-sized moles or birthmarks on the body.

In her teen age she used to hear comments like ‘You look like you’re dirty, take a wash.’ She further added ‘Teenage boys are usually the first ones to comment when they see me’. Hearing lines like ‘Everyone is born to look different, and we’re should all feel beautiful in our own skin’ from the girl is very encouraging for those people who are born with unusual traits.


Now she has learn to deal with every adverse situation and overcome the negative comments as she believes that we all have something about us that’s unusual, whether it’s on the inside or the outside.

She recently graduated from high school and has also worked as shoe shop assistant. The support that she has received from her family and neighbourhood is the major overcome factor for her. The positive outlook can be seen from the images and pics that she usually post on her social media profiles.

Her birthmarks shocked everyone at Stanley Memorial Hospital in Albermarle, North Carolina when she was born including her parents. Her parents took her Carolinas Medical Centre in Charlotte, North Carolina, where her birthmarks were analysed but as those marks posed no health risk to her so she starts living with her sisters, Randi, 26, Hannah, 24, and Anna, 20.

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