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Salagto Sawaal Anamat Movie Wiki Details Entertainment 

Salagto Sawaal Anamat Movie Wiki Details

The Gujarati film industry is growing with the release of blockbuster hits over the box-office. And after making their viewers laugh its time for some serious issues make their way on the big screens.

Salagto (Sadagto) Sawaal Anamat is an upcoming Gujarati film directed by Rajesh Gohil. A Goti Film Production – Kishor B. Goti, Salagto Sawaal Anamat revolves around the controversial subject of reservations and mainly focuses on ‘Patidar’ reservation stir.

In an all six movies are gearing up for the release on the same issue. The latest news is that CBFC has recommended 100 cuts to this Gujarati film. And now the question arises if the film makers will move to court just like ‘Udta Punjab’ makers did?

Salagto Sawaal Anamat is the story of a hard working and bright boy but he has to suffer due to caste based reservations. How he launches a struggle against reservation system and get being framed by political persons? forms the crux of the story.

Mobin Khan is playing the lead role in the film along with Harsh Vyys, Ishwar Samikar, Nishat Pandya, Tejas Shah, Rajkumar Soni and Shailesh Pandya.

Along with “Salagto Sawaal Anamat” other films covering quota movement are “Power of Patidar”, “Anamat”, “Patidar”, “Anamat Ni aag” and “Anamat Ni Aandhi”.

After this incident the film is gathering much attention from the public and I am sure unlike other Gujarati movies, this flick too will be a commercially successfully film.

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