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Romeo and Radhika Gujarati Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp Movies 

Romeo and Radhika Gujarati Full Movie Download HD Mp4 3Gp

Romeo & Radhika is the latest released urban Gujarati film. The rom-com released on 15th July in theatres is produced by Suresh M Shah and directed by Siddharth Trivedi. Read on to find Romeo and Radhika movie DVDRip in HD, Mp4 or 3Gp online through high speeding downloading platform.


As the title of the movie suggests, its a love story of Romeo and Radhika with fun, drama, romance and entertainment. Like other Gujarati movies, its release too marked high expectations. The story’s background has been set in Gujarat covering a metro city and a beautiful village.

Rahul (Tushar) is the romeo of the story who loves his best friend Radhika but she doesn’t feel the same way. Once they graduate college, Radhika leaves and Rahul, heartbroken, goes in search of her. Will they unite? What other obstacles will their love face? Watch the movie to find out.

CAST: Vidhi Parikh, Tushar Sadhu, Hemang Dave, Shyam Nair
GENRE: Romantic Comedy
DIRECTOR: Siddharth Trivedi
FORMAT: HD, Mp4 & 3Gp

First half of the film is the story about 4 friends who are having fun in their college time. Funny dialogues and sequences keeps the viewers engaged. Its first half is little slow with dance numbers which are not that impressive. Second half of the film is more interesting with the twists and the turns. Sometimes you feel like the film is being over stretched with unwanted tracks.

As the movie is a youth dedicated so what the viewers get in the film is a combination of college days, best friends, enjoyment, fun, love, confusion and life’s twists. Its a light hearted rom-com that can be enjoyed by viewers of all age and groups.

As the film characters represents today’s generation which is fast and fun loving so it has a special message for today’s youth embedded in it. The lead pair is looking good with good chemistry. All its tracks are good but not extra ordinary. The film bagged 3 stars out of 5 from movie critics.

You can watch the film in theatre near you or check its official website to know when and where to find its original DVD or BluRay print. Buy only original print and say no to piracy.

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