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Revealed: Aamir Khan’s Dangal Training Regime & Workout | FAT to FIT Health 

Revealed: Aamir Khan’s Dangal Training Regime & Workout | FAT to FIT

Bollywood’s very own “Mr. Perfectionist” is preparing really very hard for his upcoming movie “Dangal”. On Monday Aamir Khan revealed his look in 8 pack abs and in no time the picture went viral on social media.

More and more youngsters are getting inspired from his recent look and hitting the gym to get well-toned, enviable and rock solid physique just like Aamir Khan. And i am sure his training regime will make you sweat.

Undoubtedly he trained really very hard to shed those extra 25 kg weights that he put on for the first schedule of the film in which he played an aged wrestler and now for the second schedule of the film he need to look younger. It took Aamir six months and a rigorous workout regime to get back in shape.

Aamir Khan was in US recently for his weight loss workout and under the training of an expert he followed strict diet combined with activities like “Hill Trekking”, “Cycling”, “Swimming” & “Tennis” and weight exercises.

If we believe the online sources then the actor’s schedule for his weight look regime also includes running for 2 hours then after a gap of half an hour he takes his breakfast. He used to eat his lunch at 12 noon and in between the meals he used to play Tennis.

The fit look of Aamir Khan has been only been appreciated but also increased our expectations from the actor in ‘Dangal’. The well toned body of Aamir has amazed everyone. If at 51 an actor can undergone such rigorous physical transformation then you can also just stick to your health goals.


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