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Paisa Paisa Marathi Film Audience Review LIVE Update Entertainment 

Paisa Paisa Marathi Film Audience Review LIVE Update

Paisa Paisa is a Marathi suspense thriller drama film directed by Joji Raechal Job. How money affects the lives of people is the main theme of the film. Read on to find what the audience and critics have to say about the film LIVE update.

The story unfolds the events happening in the life of a character played by Sachit Patil. The film is an official remake of 2013 Malayalam film with the same title. The film has been modified a little to suit the taste and interest of Marathi film lovers and viewers.

A man is trapped through blackmail and is kidnapped. He is allowed to go free on the condition that he will pay the kidnapper a price of 10,000 within a time limit. Why the kidnapper asked for such a low ransom? What’s his motive behind it? forms the suspense in the film.

The director Prashanth Murali has kept the narration simple yet intriguing. The interesting plot makes sure to keep the viewers engaging. With good action sequences, perfectly blended background score and good screenplay, Paisa Paisa is good movie to watch out this week.

Starring well known actor Sachit Patil in the lead, the film puts love, relationships and friendship to the test and will keep you glued to your seat. Both the actors rocked middle class couple look and feel.


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Cast: Spruha Joshi, Sachit Patil, Milind Shinde, Aashish Newalkar, Pushkar Shrotri, Deepali Sayyad.

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