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Myth Busted: Eating Past 8 P.M Don’t Cause Obesity In Children Health 

Myth Busted: Eating Past 8 P.M Don’t Cause Obesity In Children

Childhood obesity has become a major public health issue. In a recent study by researchers at King’s College London busted the long held belief of gaining weight after eating past 8 p.m. The study has been published in the British Journal of Nutrition of this month.

The people use to a lot of talk about circadian rhythms of the body. The buzz surrounding why we should not indulge in eating at night or when is the right time to eat dinner is ever growing. But does it really matter? Here is a take of researchers at King’s College London on the topic.

Earlier the people use to believe that eating past 8 p.m is a recipe for gaining weight especially in children but researchers at King’s College London found no significant link between eating after 8 p.m and obesity in children.

After taking data from UK’s National Diet and Nutrition Survey Rolling Programme collected between 2008 and 2012, researchers studied the eating habits of 1,620 children – 768 children aged 4-10 years and 852 children aged 11-18 years.

The researchers also took notice of the weight and the height of the children to know their BMI number. What they found from their statistical analysis is surprising.

The data showed no signs of being overweight when intaking your meal between 8pm and 10pm compared to eating between 2pm and 8pm for either of the age groups studied. All the parents can take notice of this study to reduce the risk of obesity in their children.

Obesity in children has become a serious problem now for every nation. It is the time to take some serious action to improve the health of our children.

More such studies are to be done to bust myths and unveil reality. What to eat and when is the right time to eat? To answer these question, we need more such findings.

There are numbers of reason for obesity in Children that includes genetic factors, low or no physical activity and unhealthy eating.

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