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Manamantha Movie Review & Day 1 Friday Box-office Worldwide Report Entertainment 

Manamantha Movie Review & Day 1 Friday Box-office Worldwide Report

Mohanlal starrer “Manamantha” Telugu family drama opens this Friday in cinemas near you. Positive reports from everywhere are following film’s release today. Check out early show’s review of Manamantha (Telugu), Vismayam (Malayalam), Namadhu (Tamil) with audience response, critics rating and day 1 earning early estimates.

The early morning shows response promises a good opening for the film backed by super positive reviews. Here is yet another marvellous flick by Chandrasekhar Yeleti. He never disappoints with his films based on thought provoking topic. Its not a routine family drama that viewers usually experience on big screens but has a special touch by the director.

Manamantha has four stories of four middle class people. The journey of these 4 people covering every aspect of childhood, youth, and adulthood of a human’s life is the theme of the film.

Mohanlal has played a family man ‘Sairam’ who struggles to get promotion. ‘Gouthami’ played a middle class housewife ‘Gayatri’ who struggles with finances. Viswant as a young boy ‘Abhiram’ struggles with his love life. The child Ramya Rao as ‘Mahitha’ helps a poor boy.

Manamantha is a human drama with simple emotions and subtle sensibilities. All the actors performed exceptionally well. The presentation of the film is really good. Every character gonna make the viewers smile and cry. I am sure they will remain in hearts and thoughts even after you leave the theatre.

The major highlight of the film are its gripping and brilliant screen play. Performances by its leads are the strengths.

Starring Mohanlal, Gouthami, Viswant, Raina Rao, Anisha Ambrose, Urvasi, Nassar, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Parachuri Venkateswara Rao,Vennela Kishore, Dhanraj, Praveen, Naveen Neni, Harshavardhan, Ayyapa, P.Sharma and others

Manamantha Telugu Film Opening Day/Friday Earning Numbers

With positive reviews the film is expected to do decent collection from Indian as well as Overseas screens on its first business day. It released in close to 100 screens in USA in all 3 languages. The buzz surrounding the film is very low but with strong WOM it will gain strong hold over the box-office.

It released in Telugu, Malayalam (Vismayam) and Tamil (Namadhu) so collectively we are expecting it to mint approx Rs 5-6 crores on Friday. We will update you with its exact figures once announced officially by the film makers.

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