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Kalpana 2 Movie Review By Audience | Live Update Entertainment 

Kalpana 2 Movie Review By Audience | Live Update

The horror comedy “Kalpana 2” is released 15th July in theatres across Karnataka. The team has promised to scare you off your wits. Read our full movie review with audience response and get an idea of what to expect in the movie.

The film starring Upendra, Avantika Shetty and Priyamani is a remake of Tamil hit Kanchana 2. As per early reports, the film is generating positive buzz among the viewers

It’s a unique revenge story. One part of the film is used to set the plot and the characters. Its story starts with Raghava (Upendra) who fears watching horror movies and refuses to go to the washroom by himself as he has nyctophobia.

Raghava, who loves Nandini (Avantika), is a cinematographer for a TV channel. In order to increase their channel’s TRP ratings, Nandini advises to shoot a horror program. So to bring back their channel’s position they zeroed in on a haunted look place. Soon they come to know that the place is actually haunted. And to their misfortune, they are haunted, not by one but by five ghosts.

The plot is a thriller with essential comedy and super hit songs. As promised the scary scenes gonna take hell out of the viewers. Its a perfect treat for the viewers who loves to watch horror flicks. With comedy elements induced at intervals keeps the viewers engaged. We are expecting the second installment of ‘Kalpana’ to be a mega blockbuster hit.

The performances by Upendra, Avantika Shetty and Priyamani have been liked by viewers. The film opened to positive response from critics and audiences. As the fans and the followers of its casts gonna throng the screens at the weekend so a fabulous opening number is expected.

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