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James and Alice Malayalam Film Review & Rating Entertainment 

James and Alice Malayalam Film Review & Rating

The fairy tale romance of James (Prithviraj Sukumaran) and Alice (Vedhika Kumar) is getting good response from viewers on big screens. The romantic drama “James and Alice” opened today in theatres with mixed reviews from critics.


The emotional love drama of James, a vagabond at heart and Alice, studious daughter of a wealthy estate forms the theme of its story. They both fell in love with each other and decides to start a life together. But destiny has some other plan for them.

Soon the reality struck their door. Will their love for each be enough to fight back? Watch this engaging romantic film to unveil this interesting drama with equally interesting climax. Find out in theatres near you.

The amazing performance by its lead cast is well liked and appreciated by everyone. The actor Prithviraj Sukumaran has beautifully described the transformation of his character from a young guy into the matured man.

The actress Vedhika Kumar is exceptionally too good. Her on-screen chemistry with Prithviraj is good.ย The film is full of emotional drama than of romantic sequences.

Its a feel good family drama and has a good message embed in its story. Though it is low on entertainment factor and slow screenplay makes it a little lame but it has many feel good elements that keeps the viewers engaged.

With good direction and brilliant cinematography by “Sujith Vaassudev” , wonderful background score by “Gopi Sundar” and good performance by its lead cast makes James and Alice a wonderful watch and is a movie that will want you to come back and watch once again.

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