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Jaggu Dada 5th Weekend Day 30 Box-office Collection Update Entertainment 

Jaggu Dada 5th Weekend Day 30 Box-office Collection Update

The ‘Challenging Star’ Darshan starrer super family entertainer Jaggu Dada has successfully completed its blockbuster 25 days at the theatres and has now entered in to its 5th week. The film is going great in its 30th business day and inching towards 50 days with fabulous collection from allover Karnataka.

Jaggu Dada is a Kannada comedy drama mass film directed and produced by Raghavendra Hedge. The movie is produced by RH& R9 Entertainments. It got released on June 10, 2016.

The film hit the screens with high expectations and creates a huge buzz in theaters. The film had a grand release on 10th June over 350 Theaters in Karnataka state. The film has Challenging Star Darshan & South Indian actress Deeksha Seth in lead roles.

The story of the film is written so beautifully by director himself. The awesome music given by V. HARIKRISHNA impressed fans significantly.

The story of the film revolves around JAGGU DADA who belongs to a family of don. His grandfather SHANKAR DADA who retires from his don activities realizes his mistake and want that his son VEERU DADA & grand son JAGGU DADA also withdraw from their business. SHANKAR DADA on his death bed calls JAGGU and takes promise from him to not to indulge in don activities and marry a socially morale girl. After his death, SHANKAR DADA is shown to become as a spirit and haunting JAGGU.

To fulfil his promise, JAGGU start finding a girl. In his search he encounters a girl and fall in love with her. But knowing about JAGGU’S past, her parents are not happy in making this relationship. The rest of the story is about how JAGGU wins over his family.

The film had done well at box office and had done the business of around 8crs on its opening day. On its 2nd day the film earns around 5crs. The collection of 3rd day remains same i.e. 5crs. Its collection goes down on 4th, 5th & 6th day. The film earns 3crs on 4th day, 2crs on 5th day & 1.50crs on 6th day. Total amount collected by the film in its first weekend is around 24.50crs. The total collection would be expected to cross 50crs in its full run.

The amount collected by DARSHAN from this movie is highest in its career.

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