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First Reaction & Review: Project Marathwada Entertainment 

First Reaction & Review: Project Marathwada

The debut directorial venture of Bhavin Wadia, Project Marathwada is garnering great reviews from all over. The film is produced by Prakash Patel starring Govind Namdeo, Dilip Tahil, Kunal Seth, Seema Biswas, Rahul Patel, Farrah Kader and Katerina. It was shot in rural parts of Maharashtra.

The plot revolves around a Marathwada-based indebted farmer who comes to Mumbai for Government’s help after the suicide of his son. There he comes across four students who are making a documentary on indebted farmers.

Om Puri, plays the role of the distressed farmer Tukaram in the movie. his performance in the movie is outstanding! Undoubtedly Puri is one of the most brilliant actors of Bollywood. And a movie resting solely on his stardom with such a subject will draw attention.

With its gripping story and good background music, Project Marathwada is worth watching on big screens. All the casts have done well.

The bureaucracy and corruption can be seen presented realistically in the movie. The ending see Tukaram suiciding failing to the hands of Government officials!

Om puri feels bad for the current state where we have abandoned our farmers and yet they have continued to feed us. He feels the character of Tukaram is so stromg that it leaves an imprint on the audiences mind.

The director Bhavin says this project is close to his heart. He himself belongs to an agricultural family and wanted to document the baffling statistics of the number of farmers committing suicide in the country since 1995.

Project Marathawad is running in theatres near you. Go and grab your seat. Its a thought provoking subject that may draw ours and our government’s attention to the current scenario of our farmers!

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