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Arvind Kejriwal’s Odd-Even Phase II Highlights Politics 

Arvind Kejriwal’s Odd-Even Phase II Highlights

The controversial and much-talked about odd-even rule is here again. Its final draft is out now. Read on to find major highlights of “Odd-Even” scheme part-2.

Delhi government’s odd-even scheme was surprisingly hit among masses. The people of the city came together whole heartedly and supported the program and now Delhi government has announced its round two.


The Delhi Government has decided to again roll out oddeven‬ scheme – vehicle rationing scheme to control pollution in the capital. The scheme will be in force again for a fortnight from April 15 to 30.

Delhi Chief Minister “Arvind Kejriwal” on Saturday announced guidelines in regard for the second phase of this scheme. Here are its major highlights:

In the second leg of “Odd-Even” scheme, government has exempted women drivers, CNG operated vehicles, Chief Ministers of States and vehicles carrying students in uniform from the restrictions.

Delhi’s Chief Minister and Ministers would not be exempted from “Odd-Even” restrictions.

For any query related to this traffic scheme, people can call on helpline number 011-422400400 provided by government.

When Arvind Kejriwal was giving out the details of the scheme an unidentified man threw a shoe at him which landed very near to him.

Soon after the announcement of the part-2, social media is buzzed with both positive and negative response from the general public. People are posting their comments on social site Twitter with the hashtag #OddEven.

In its first phase the city witnessed thin traffic on roads but study reveals that the scheme did little in reducing air pollution in January. The scheme came after Delhi being tagged the most populated city in the world.

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