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‪Shaktimaan‬: India’s First Superhero Is Back? Entertainment 

‪Shaktimaan‬: India’s First Superhero Is Back?

The fan made trailer video of India’s first superhero ‘Shaktimaan’ has created storm over the internet. The video has gone viral on social media revealing the craze among public for the superhero.

‪Its a surprisingly good fan made trailer and its vfx is much better than some superhero movies. The look of revamped suit gonna blow your mind. I am sure after watching the trailer you wish to watch it on big screens.

The makers of the video said that if the response is good then they will make a web-series on Shaktimaan. If you don’t know about Shaktimaan then let me tell you Shaktimaan is the “Indian Super Hero” who has been an icon for kids in India. Mukesh Khanna will always be remembered playing the role.

The official synopsis reads “Shaktimaan is back again to save the world from Kill – Vish Terror. Kilvish has became the most powerful person on this earth, will shaktimaan defeat him and save us?”

It is directed by Dushyant Kapoor, VFX & CGI is handled by Nitin Swaroop, associate director is Ankit Vatsa, creative director is Aditya Mehta and cinematographer is handled by Anand Badoniya.

Shaktimaan is known for fighting against evil plans and saving the human kind. Shaktimaan is one among us, a young man with a good heart, standing tall as a savior of humanity, reminding us of who we are while unearthing and uprooting all evil, with a single purpose of saving this world, saving his world.

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